UPRENT is a reliable partner in various pumping projects. Or experience, knowledge and wide range of high quality equipment allows us to complete complex pumping projects effectively. Having assessed details of each particular project, we recommend the most effective pumping solution, deliver the equipment to the site, install the pumping systems and ensure technical maintenance.


The contractor for the repair of the sewage pumping station in Kórnik needed to ensure continuous pumping of sewage from the city to the sewage treatment plant during the project. The task of the pumping system was to create a negative pressure in the existing pipeline before pumping and discharge of sewage for a distance of 1.5 kilometers to the sewage treatment plant, in order to enable the contractor to access the chamber with a depth of 11m.


In order to secure the proper course of the fracturing process in shale gas wells, our client needed high efficiency pumps. From the artificial reservoir it was necessary to deliver in stages, in strictly defined time frames, clean water for a distance of 500m with a height difference of over 7m. Before starting the pumping process, the water had to be effectively mixed with acid chemistry using pumps in closed mode.


As part of the investment project "Renovation of sanitary sewerage pipes along with chambers in the area of Gajowa and Jarzębinowa streets in Białystok" UPRENT in July 2018 realized for Terkan, a service consisting in comprehensive construction of a bypass with service for the time of renovation works.


On the construction of the Niepodległości route in Białystok, client needed a temporary and effective solution for pumping sewage during the construction of new sewage pipeline. The task required UPRENT to apply solutions with different capacities and delivery lengths. The subject of the order was also redundant equipment, 24/7 supervision and refueling.


The renovation of the sewage pumping station in the Wielkopolskie voivodship took place in 2017, when Uprent took over responsibility for the temporary pumping of sewage. The task was to bypass the existing pumping station for the time of its renovation, to build a replacement sewage pumping system and to connect to the existing installation. Waste water pumping took place over a distance of about 1 km.


As part of the implementation of the investment project. Construction of facilities and installations for the neutralization of bad air at the "Sadyba" Channel Pump Station UPRENT company in the period from 15/01 to 21/03/2018 implemented for HUSAR Sp z o.o. a service consisting in a comprehensive execution of a bypass with service for the repair of the chamber part of the wet pumping station.


Renovation of the sewage treatment plant in the Lubuskie Voivodship took place in 2017, when Uprent took over the responsibility for temporary wastewater pumping

High-voltage electric line construction site dewatering

Wellpoint dewatering in 250 construction pits in order to provide construction of pole foundations for 140 km long high-voltage electric line.

Sewage bypass in Riga

Sewage bypass with custom built pumping system

Renovation of the main sewage collector in Tallinn

Temporary sewage bypass during main colletor renovation works

Ferry rescue works

Ferry rescue works in Tallinn

Temporary power solutions at “Staro Riga 2016” light festival

Power supply for light installations during the festival

Temporary power solutions at „KUBANA” music festival

Power supply for stage sound, lighting and video equipment

Cleaning of hydrothermal timber treatment tank

General cleaning of hydrothermal treatment tank

Dredging in Riga

During dredging works in Riga, Getliņi, UPRENT team performed sand extraction in order to deepen the quarry and expand the landfill.

Reconstruction of waste water treatment plant Bolderaja

Sewage bypass during renovation works

Pumping biomass at biogas production plant

Pumping biomass with submersible pumps