The contractor for the repair of the sewage pumping station in Kórnik needed to ensure continuous pumping of sewage from the city to the sewage treatment plant during the project.

The task of the pumping system was to create a negative pressure in the existing pipeline before pumping and discharge of sewage for a distance of 1.5 kilometers to the sewage treatment plant, in order to enable the contractor to access the chamber with a depth of 11m.


2 pcs. Hidrostal F10HD

1 pcs. Varisco Tan 2AL

1 pcs. BBA BA 100K

1 pcs. Control panel with frequency converter

Steel pipeline DN500

UPRENT solution:

UPRENT assembled and connected a properly functioning temporary pumping system to the pumping station within two days. The Varisco Tan 2AL vacuum pump produced enough good underpressure in the suction pipeline at 0.6 bar. Two Hidrostal F10HD pumps were effective in pumping sewage in the discharge pipeline, where the height difference was 7 meters.

In addition, UPRENT equipped the system into a PLC container controlling the operation of pumps, which at the same time had the ability to send the customer an SMS notification 24h per day about possible failures in the pumping system.

Poland, Kórnik
Number of employees:
Project duration:
7 days

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