Sewage bypass in Riga


A company OSTAS CELTNIEKS SIA won a tender for construction of civil engineering infrastructure within the construction of multi functional park NEW HANZA CITY in Riga, Latvia. The section of the new engineering communications were needed to be connected to the existing main sewage pipeline. A bypass of the main sewage collector was needed in order to clear the sewage inlet for the reconstruction of civil engineering infrastructure works.


4 pcs. Hidrostal F10HD
1 pc. Pioneer 300 SM
1 pc. BGS PBO 100
1 pc. 120 kW generator
5 m high D500 metal pipeline bridge
130 m D500 metal pipeline section


The initial idea of the use of various submersible pumps in the sewage collector was declined because of the space restrictions. A custom made inlet and drainage collector was build particularly for the project thus the submersible pumps in dry running mode were possible to employ in order to ensure the absorption of the liquid till the vacuum pumps could be used for further pumping works. Thanks to the telemetry solutions the power of the pumping system was possible to adjust in a distance at the exact moment in accordance to the automatic measurements made directly in the main collector.


26 days of the provided service
8 000 households’ sewage bypassed
7 employees
3 vehicles employed
1 200 000 m³ sewage bypassed
d1600 free-flow sewage collector bypassed to d300 temporary pipelines

Riga, Latvia
Number of employees:
Project duration:
26 days

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