Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps for pumping large amounts clean and dirty water, as well for water level monitoring in quarries and various water bodies. Pumps can be equipped with a level control to ensure continuous operation for weeks.

Industrial pumps, suitable for handling of all kinds of sewage, waste water, sludge and other dense liquids containing large solid particles. Pumps can be used on construction sites, industrial areas, for municipal management works, as well as for dredging and mining operations.

Hidrostal F10HD
Hidrostal I16K
PRORIL Govox 315S
PRORIL Smart 750
PRORIL Smart Base 400
PRORIL Stormy 337
PRORIL Tank 337
PRORIL Tank 355
PRORIL Tank 475
PRORIL Tank 6220
PRORIL Tank 675
PRORIL Tank 8220
Hidrostal E05Q
Hidrostal H12K-SS
PRORIL Gomax 475
PRORIL Govox 208
Dragflow EL 10 SS
Dragflow EL 1204 HC
Dragflow EL 35HC
Dragflow EL 60 B
DragflowHY 85 B
PRORIL Stormy 455
PRORIL Stormy 475
PRORIL Stormy 6110

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